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R.N.L.I. Open 2018

  • Individual Stableford – Full Handicap Allowance
  • Maximum Individual Handicap – Men 28
  • Men – Blue Tees / Play will be 2 or 3 balls
  • Pitchmarks – All players please repair at least one pitchmark on every green, even if it’s not yours!
  • Please be at the tee 5 minutes before your allotted start time but start on time!
  • Always keep up with the group in front and avoid slow play
  • On completion of your round please enter your card in the terminal at the end of the bar and return your card in the competition box provided.
  • “Ready Golf” is in play for this competition. Learn more
Time Player Player Player
1st Tee
07:30 Alan Blackett (13c) Barry Moss (21c) David Locker (16c)
07:40 Harry Bate (21c) Douglas Sidebottom (15c) R J Rundle (11c)
07:50 Luke Hart (11c) Ryan Harper (20c) Christian Peel (16c)
08:00 Peter Rogers (5c) Brian Green (7c) Kevin Mula (3c)
08:10 Steve Hunt (10c) Mark Williamson (14c) Wayne Osman (19c)
08:20 Ian Henwood (12c) Gary Hellier (13c) Adrian Toms (12c)
08:30 Paul Corlett (16c) Simon Dowling (19c) Dave Blatchford (13c)
08:40 Ray Pipe (11c) Daryll Rowe (15c) Nick Jenkin (12c)
08:50 Trevor Martell (18c) Gary Martell (7c) Dave West (7c)
09:00 Alan Turner (8c) John Mitchell (10c) Nick Barnes (11c)
09:10 Thomas Henderson (15c) Joseph Wilcox (16c) Joseph Edwards (14c)
09:20 James Ringrose (8c) Adam Herman (5c) Keith Entwistle (7c)
09:30 Bill McLaughlin (21c) Ted Semley (14c) Keith Avery (21c)
09:40 Mark Arnold (8c) David Chapman (6c) Keith Barker (20c)
09:50 Nigel Eustice (19c) Daniel McDowell (16c) Peter Brighton (22c)
10:00 S J Seward (13c AWAY)

(Yelverton Golf Club)

P Millar (8c AWAY)

(Yelverton Golf Club)

Mike Andrew (12c AWAY)

(Yelverton Golf Club)

10:10 Robert Miller (13c) Jon Brierley (9c) Shane Hickling (7c)
10:20 Jack Greaves (10c) Luke Berkeley (8c) Alan Metters (19c)
10:30 Steve Ward (21c) Frank Cox (16c) Darren Ivall (19c)
10:40 Anthony Watson (14c) Kevin Morcom (18c) Simon Warren (18c)
10:50 N Muscutt (6c AWAY)

(Blackwell Golf Club)

Chris Johnson (14c AWAY)

(Harborne  Golf Club)

Trevor Robinson (4c)
11:00 Phil Court (9c AWAY)

(Harborne  Golf Club)

James Reilly (18c AWAY)

(Harborne  Golf Club)

Robert Oakes (6c AWAY)

(Copt Heath Golf Club)

11:10 David Cass (4c AWAY)

(Harborne  Golf Club)

Peter Stanway (8c AWAY)

(Warley Woods Golf Club)

Ian Martin (17c AWAY)

(Harborne  Golf Club)

11:20 Shaun Allen (10c) Andy Hancock (6c) David Pryor (8c)
11:30 Steve Bennett (20c) Michael Tyldesley (14c) William Rhodes (17c)
11:40 Mark Daw (20c) Ian Cload (21c AWAY)

(China Fleet Golf Club)

Ron Woodham (23c)
11:50 Rob Randell (4c) Brian Anderson (17c) Sean Rooney (11c)
12:00 Bert Harper (11c) Tony Farrell (8c) Craig Stevenson (18c)
12:10 Mickey Towe (12c) Ian Pick (17c) Brendan Cavanagh (11c)
12:20 Haydn Brown (7c) Matthew Milburn (5c) David Savage (12c)
12:30 Colin MacPherson (4c AWAY)

(Saunton Golf Club)

Darren Hocking (3c) Robin Burton (19c)
12:40 David Longbottom (8c) Chris Coxon (3c AWAY)

(Taunton & Pickeridge Golf Club)

Tony Marsland (5c)
12:50 David Ball (8c) Dave Stephens (12c) Paul Barclay (22c)
13:00 Nick Stephens (2c) Graham Dawe (9c) Colin Duke (15c)
13:10 David Gorman (14c) Colin Martin (14c) M R Jelbert (17c)
13:20 Paul Crook (10c) Richard Hughes (13c) Gary Stone (4c AWAY)

(Bude & North Cornwall Golf Club)

13:30 Clive Bicknell (6c) Nigel Dunstan (4c) Dave Norwood (8c)
13:40 Marc Combes (14c) Mick Bowler (19c) James Coombes (14c)
13:50 Michael Pearce (16c) David Goodwin (10c) Barry Pearce (17c)
14:00 Christopher Murlowski (12c) Nicolas Murlowski (11c) Michael Delling (6c AWAY)

(Downes Crediton Golf Club)

14:10 Zak Mitchell (14c) Jack Cavell (12c) Roy Coombes (24c)
14:20 Andrew Mayne (25c) Darren Vincent (12c) Ken Wright (15c)
14:30 Michael Wittin (14c AWAY)

(Stourbridge Golf Club)

Peter Clarke (18c AWAY)

(Stourbridge Golf Club)

Martin Williams (16c)
14:40 Carl White (8c) SEAN MUSTO (19c AWAY)

(Sherdons Golf Centre)

Myles Edwards (21c)
14:50 Matthew Jones (21c) Josh Busby (7c) Aaron Murphy (7c)
15:00 Christopher Bennetts (16c)

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