Piskey Tournament

1st Round Draw and Start Times for the Piskey Tournament on Saturday 6th October 2017

08:30 1st Tee Royal Navy Golf -v- Cornish Nomads
08:30 10th Tee Bogeymen -v- The Choughs
08:48 1st Tee Commoners -v- Royal Air Force
08:48 10th Tee Old Blundellians -v- Lincolnshine Sausages
09:06 1st Tee Antiguan Sausages -v- Gloucestermen
09:06 10th Tee Cornwall Captains -v- Somerset Over 35’s
09:24 1st Tee Leatherlackets -v- Westcott G.S
09:24 10th Tee H.O.G.S. -v- Hazards
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