On the up

Newquay Golf Club is currently enjoying a very successful period.  Like most golf clubs, membership numbers were falling and the club was unable to invest in the course or clubhouse. But with a change in the committee structure (which saw a large unwieldy club committee broken up into Management (Financial) and Captains (Golf & Social) Committees, individuals qualified in the right positions, sound decisions, budgeting and a lot of hard work has seen the club turn things around. We are now able to re-invest in aspects of the course and clubhouse which have been lacking for some time.

Works carried out in the last 9 years include re-roofing of the main clubhouse, the tower roof, the refurbishment of the ladies changing rooms, refurbishment of the clubhouse toilets and a quarter of a million pounds invested in a state of the art irrigation system which covers the greens, approaches and surrounds.

We are scheduled to refurbish the men’s shower and WC area early in 2019 and things we are hoping to do within the next few years include… refurbishing the men’s locker rooms, squaring off the clubhouse and providing a large balcony, building an academy training building and refurbishing the main entrance hall & Chapel Bar within the clubhouse.

If you are reading this article, you are on our new website, another great improvement for the club.

Certainly exciting times to be a member of Newquay Golf Club

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