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Lang Cup

Start Times for the Lang Cup on Saturday 26th May 2018

07:30 Alan Blackett (13c) Barry Moss (21c) David Locker (16c)
07:40 Harry Bate (21c) John Sidebottom (22c) Douglas Sidebottom (15c)
08:00 Mark Williamson (14c) Steve Hunt (9c)
08:10 Stewart Lenton (13c) Simon Dowling (20c) Paul Corlett (16c)
08:20 Ian Henwood (13c) Tony Eggleton (12c) Christopher Bennetts (15c)
08:30 Christian Peel (17c) Ian Rowland (12c) Mick Bowler (19c)
08:40 Phillip Clayton (3c) Gary Hellier (13c) Mark Arnold (7c)
08:50 Gary Martell (8c) Nick Barnes (13c) Trevor Martell (17c)
09:00 Alan Turner (7c) Dave West (6c) Nigel Eustice (18c)
09:10 Kevin Mula (3c) Chris Keegan (20) Stephen Brocklehurst (20c)
09:20 Daryll Rowe (15c) Ray Pipe (10c) Nick Jenkin (13c)
09:30 Trevor Coxage (25c) Gary Thomas (6c) Frank Cox (15c)
09:40 Darren Ingham (25c) Richard Machin (15)
09:50 John Reid (17c)
10:00 Matthew Jones (22c) Robert Miller (13c) Mark Daw (19c)
10:10 Joseph Edwards (13c) Thomas Henderson (18c) James Coombes (14c)
10:20 Shaun Cuffin (16c) Darren Vincent (15c) Jack Cavell (15c)
10:30 Aaron Stephens (0c) Josh Busby (11c) Luke Livingstone (6c)
10:40 Shane Hickling (7c) Russell Milsom (26c) Sean Rooney (13c)
10:50 Michael Tyldesley (15c) Steve Bennett (19c) William Rhodes (16c)
11:00 Ken Wright (15c) Stephen Mitchell (9c) Eric Thomas (13c)
11:10 Darren Ivall (18c) Myles Edwards (21c) Steve Ward (21c)
11:20 Brian Anderson (17c) Jay Pickersgill (14c) Ron Thom (17c)
11:30 David Pryor (8c) Shaun Allen (9c) Andy Hancock (6c)
11:50 Joseph Wilcox (16c) Ryan Harper (19c) Luke Hart (17c)
12:00 Charlie Phillips (5c) Scott McLean (21c) Luke Dillon (11c)
12:10 Bert Harper (11c) Tony Farrell (9c) Craig Stevenson (20c)
12:20 Ian Pick (17c) Martin Williams (16c) Colin Martin (14c)
12:30 Adam Herman (5c) Jon Brierley (8c) Rob Randell (4c)
12:40 Paul Barclay (22c) Peter. F. Batty (9c) David Chapman (6c)
12:50 Nick Stephens (2c) Haydn Brown (6c) David Longbottom (7c)
13:00 Graham Dawe (8c) David Gorman (14c) Matthew Milburn (5c)
13:10 David Ball (7c) Mike Leech (10c) Dave Stephens (13c)
13:20 Anthony Watson (15c) Bill McLaughlin (20c) Richard Taper (8c)
13:30 Clive Bicknell (6c) Nigel Dunstan (4c) Dave Norwood (8c)
13:40 Marc Combes (19c) Andrew Mayne (26c) Darren Hocking (3c)
13:50 Tom Savage (5c) David Savage (12c) Colin Duke (15c)
14:00 Jim Graham (18c) Tim Miller (10c) Malcolm Ross (18c)


  • Individual Medal – Full Handicap Allowance
  • Maximum Individual Handicap – Men 28
  • Men – Blue Tees
  • Preferred Lies
  • Play will be 2 or 3 balls only
  • Pitchmarks – All players please repair at least one pitchmark on every green, even if it’s not yours!
  • Please be at the tee 5 minutes before your allotted start time but start on time!
  • The maximum allotted time for today’s round which is: 3 hours 55 minutes.
  • Always keep up with the group in front and avoid slow play
  • On completion of your round please enter your card in the terminal at the end of the bar and return your card in the competition box provided
  • Two’s Comp – Two’s need to be recorded by the player via the Score Input Terminal in the bar. A Two recorded on a card but not entered into the Input Terminal will be excluded from the Two’s competition. The only exception to this rule is if the machine is not working, in such cases the player must inform the Secretary of his Two before the close of the competition.

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