Club Championship – Round 1

Start times for the Club Championship – Rnd 1 on Saturday 8th July 2017

Scratch Championship for the Clifton Bowl and Handicap Championship for the Len Isles Trophy. This is a two round competition with the second round being played on Saturday 15th July. The entry fee is £10.00 payable on registration for round 1 only. Start Times for the 2nd round will be based on the scores from the 1st round, with the leaders going out last. Prizes will be presented for the Scratch and Handicap results over 36 holes together with individual round scores* (*subject to entry). The Presentation will be held on SATURDAY 22ND JULY 2017. All prize winners are expected to attend.

08:00 Lee Cunningham (2c) Adrian Toms (15c)
08:10 Paul Berryman (13c) Mark Williamson (14c)
08:30 Phillip Clayton (3c) Ian Henwood (11c)
08:40 Ian Rowland (12c) Christian Peel (17c)
09:00 Scott Patterson (17c) Shaun Cuffin (16c) Tony Marsland (5c)
09:10 Mark Arnold (7c) Brian Green (6c) Keith Entwistle (8c)
09:20 Ray Pipe (9c) Nick Jenkin (12c) Daryll Rowe (15c)
09:30 Frank Cox (15c) Simon Warren (17c) K Avery (21c)
09:50 Mick Bowler (18c) Jay Pickersgill (16c) Gareth Ward (16c)
10:00 Aaron Stephens (1c) Brian Anderson (18c) Ashley Fieldhouse (5c)
10:10 Paul Crook (11c) Richard Hughes (13c) Luke Dillon (11c)
10:20 Matthew Jones (24c) Joseph Edwards (16c) Paul Barclay (24c)
10:30 Mark Daw (18c)
10:40 Barry Pearce (15c) Eric Thomas (13c) Phillip Meller (22c)
11:00 David Longbottom (7c) Jamie Green (7c)
11:10 Stephen Brocklehurst (21c) Darren Ivall (19c) Steve Ward (21c)
11:20 Pat Sefton (17c) Ron Thom (17c) Derek Fieldhouse (16c)
11:30 Andy Hancock (6c) Shaun Allen (9c) David Pryor (8c)
11:40 Adam Herman (5c) Joseph Wilcox (22c) Scott McLean (21c)
11:50 Brendan Cavanagh (10c) Ian Pick (15c) Colin Duke (14c)
12:00 Haydn Brown (6c) Nigel Eustice (18c) Bert Harper (9c)
12:10 Jim Graham (17c) Malcolm Ross (18c) Tim Miller (10c)
12:20 Craig Stevenson (19c) Tony Farrell (8c) Mickey Towe (11c)
12:30 Peter Batty (9c) Alan Metters (19c)
12:40 Colin Martin (13c) Alan Turner (7c) Martin Williams (16c)
12:50 Charlie Phillips (5c) Shane Hickling (6c) Jon Brierley (8c)
13:00 Nick Stephens (3c) Tim Hall (10c) Darren Hocking (4c)
13:10 Graham Dawe (8c) David Gorman (17c) Matthew Milburn (5c)
13:20 Clive Bicknell (6c) Nigel Dunstan (4c) Dave Norwood (8c)
13:40 Luke Livingstone (7c)
13:50 Richard Taper (9c) Sean Rooney (13c) R J Rundle (11c)
14:00 Carl White (8c) Tom Savage (5c) David Savage (13c)
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