Bartle Cup

Start Time for the Bartle Cup (Lombard Qualifier) on Saturday 19th May 2018

07:30 Douglas Sidebottom (15c) John Sidebottom (22c) Harry Bate (21c)
07:50 Steve Hunt (9c) Paul Berryman (13c) Mark Williamson (15c)
08:10 Stewart Lenton (13c) Simon Dowling (20c) Dave Blatchford (13)
08:20 Phillip Clayton (3c) Gary Hellier (12c) Ian Henwood (12c)
08:30 Adrian Toms (15c) Bill McLaughlin (20c) Frank Cox (16c)
08:40 Christian Peel (17c) Ian Rowland (12c) Mick Bowler (19c)
08:50 Trevor Martell (17c) Gary Martell (8c) Dave West (6c)
09:00 John Mitchell (10c) Nick Barnes (13c) Alan Turner (7c)
09:10 Kevin Mula (3c) Neil Whitehouse (8c) Chris Quinn (13c)
09:20 Nick Jenkin (13c) Daryll Rowe (15c) Ray Pipe (10c)
09:30 Jack Bevan (10c) James Topper (24c) Gary Thomas (6c)
09:50 James Coombes (15c) Joseph Edwards (13c)
10:00 Matthew Jones (22c) Luke Livingstone (6c) Robert Miller (13c)
10:30 Josh Busby (12c) David Longbottom (7c) Aaron Murphy (12c)
10:40 Shane Hickling (7c) Russell Milsom (26c)
10:50 Michael Tyldesley (15c) Steve Bennett (19c)
11:00 David Savage (12c) Brian Anderson (17c) Martin Watkins (13c)
11:10 Zak Mitchell (17c) Jack Cavell (16c)
11:20 Darren Ivall (18c) Keith Entwistle (8c)
11:30 David Pryor (8c) Andy Hancock (6c) Jon Brierley (9c)
11:40 Ron Thom (18c) Pat Sefton (15c) Steve Dameral (22c)
11:50 Clive Bicknell (6c) Nigel Dunstan (4c) Dave Norwood (8c)
12:00 Jim Graham (18c) Tim Miller (10c) Malcolm Ross (18c)
12:10 Bert Harper (11c) Tony Farrell (9c) Craig Stevenson (19c)
12:20 Ian Pick (17c) Colin Martin (14c) Nigel Eustice (18c)
12:30 Nick Stephens (2c) David Goodwin (10c) Alan Metters (19c)
12:40 Mark Arnold (8c) Peter. F. Batty (10c) David Chapman (5c)
12:50 Mike Leech (10c) Paul Barclay (22c) David Ball (7c)
13:00 Graham Dawe (8c) Brian Green (6c) Colin Duke (15c)
13:10 Richard Taper (8c) Eric Thomas (13c)
13:20 Jay Pickersgill (14c) Alan Alder (14c)
13:30 William Rhodes (16c) Andrew Mayne (26c) Darren Vincent (17c)
13:40 David Gorman (14c) Steve Ward (21c) Taylor James Marsland (22c)
13:50 Darren Hocking (3c) Tony Marsland (6c)


  • Individual Medal – Full Handicap Allowance
  • Maximum Individual Handicap – Men 28
  • Men – Blue Tees
  • Play will be 2 or 3 balls
  • Pitchmarks – All players please repair at least one pitchmark on every green, even if it’s not yours!
  • Please be at the tee 5 minutes before your allotted start time but start on time!
  • The maximum allotted time for today’s round which is: 3 hours 55 minutes.
  • Always keep up with the group in front and avoid slow play
  • On completion of your round please enter your card in the terminal at the end of the bar and return your card in the competition box provided.
  • Additional entry for the Lombard Trophy
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